Standards when using Instagram influencers to promote content

Social Media

If you are an Instagram user, you should already know that influencers are more present than ever, promoting products and services for different companies. This is a practice that benefits many advertisers which invest millions of dollars on them. The commitment that influencers are able to fetch is often far greater than what companies get for the publications they perform.

Standards to follow

The should be standards with the purpose to follow and to ensure that the consumer can distinguish between content which is being promoted and not. The content sponsored by a company using an Influencer’s social media account..

How to comply with standards

The nature of the relationship between the company and the influencer must be clearly identifiable to the consumer and users of the platform. It must be ensured that the agreement between the two parties is demonstrated within the publication as being sponsored. As a result, an influencer who receives, for example, a monetary sum to mention a product or a product in exchange for a publication which is being mentioned the product, the influencer must indicate that he has been paid for promoting the post.

The standards do not apply when (…)

If the agreement between the company and the influencer is not clear enough to the level of the social publication and that could be called spontaneous by the influencer, the standards in force should not apply. However, everything should be indicated clearly. Also, be aware with those who boost their stats by using social media services such as and